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Latest News Category: Places & Travel (2 posts)

Lewis Ducard | 10th May 2016 | General Articles
Scientific reason you should be taking a beach holiday We all know that taking a beach holiday is a relaxing experience, but now it is scientifically proven that you should be booking one! A study conducted by Michigan State University has revealed that visiting or living in a location where you have the opportunity to see a lot of blue space, such as a body of water, leads to much lower levels of psychological distress. The study was conducted in New Zealand and looked at the correlation between whether or not people could see the ocean and their health records. They even considered other factors like age, gender and wealth, and found that living by the sea still improved people’s mental health. But why is this? Well, according to Amber Pearson, one of the co-authors of the study, the brain can process natural backdrops better than other landscapes, which reduces sensory stimuli and promotes mental relaxation. Many travellers have noted that the sounds and smells of the ocean have evoked feelings of relaxation. Although these senses were not covered in the study, Pearson admitted more research could be done to see how the other senses work together to help people relax. You will be able to experience beautiful, natural backdrops from our holiday cottages in Shaldon, so what are you waiting for? Why not book a holiday today? After all, it is scientifically proven to be good for you!     Photo courtesy of Derek Harper, under Creative Commons...

Lewis Ducard | 28th April 2016 | General Articles
Traditional British seaside holiday back in fashion The UK coastal areas are set to see an influx of holidaymakers heading to the regions this summer, as more Brits are planning to spend their summer holiday at a seaside location. According to the results of the research, 58% of the 3000 people surveyed stated they will be heading to the coast. The same research also found that us Brits will spend more than ever on our holidays, spending £729.80 on the breaks, which boosts the UK economy by almost £20bn. In 2013, the same survey found just 31% of people visited a coastal location, which shows the rise in popularity of the seaside holiday. Staycations Over two-thirds (67%) of Britons are taking a staycation – also known as holidaying at home – this year, with the average British family taking a one-week holiday, with four short breaks throughout the rest of the year. A fifth (19%) of families are taking a traditional two-week holiday in order to enjoy the attractions and sights that the UK has to offer. Nearly half of people say their holiday is one thing they refuse to cut back on, but holidaying at home offers great value for money. Benefits Holidaying in your own country does hold a number of benefits, many of which appeal more to holidaymakers than foreign holidays. For example, some benefits include: Less stress – Going abroad means you have to stick to a rigid schedule of times for flights, transfers etc. When you holiday domestically, you do not experience these stresses. Inexpensive – When compared to travelling abroad, changing of currencies, foreign travel insurance and other expenses, taking a British holiday is relatively inexpensive in comparison. Set your own pace – There is usually a degree of rigidity to a holiday abroad, sticking to travel times and activity schedules, but with a staycation you can holiday exactly as you want to. If you want a lie in one day, or a late dinner the next, that is...